Due to the current aggravation of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), TRC has prepared all necessary safety measures and precautions to minimize the risks of infections of our employees as well as to ensure a continuity of our availability and servicing.

The TRC-Team is prepared and flexible to service our valued partners with an unchanged level of service quality. TRC proactively implemented guidelines for our staff and all of our employees are briefed about the symptoms of Coronavirus, about all necessary hygiene safety measures and what actions have to follow in case suspected Coronavirus cases emerge in their social surroundings.

From the 16th of March until the 30th of March our office will be only limited occupied with one employee per office room while the rest of staff works from home. However, during this time the availability of our employees remains unchanged and we do not expect any disruptions. In case it will be necessary to shut down our office in Hamburg totally, we have already taken all precautions to ensure that everybody can work from home. The telephone extensions are redirected to the employees, but we do not see your telephone number. Therefore, in case you cannot be reached, please send us a short e-mail or call us again.

All staff members that currently work in office have already set up possibilities to work in home office as well. Thus, TRC services will be undisrupted at all times and we are flexible to adapt to all changes and demands required by law.

In case of any difficulty to contact an individual employee please contact kay.mosbach@trustrc.com or call our telephone switchboard +49 (0) 40 822 252 125.