For incoming business

The so-called incoming or reverse flow business is generally welcomed from the point of view of a local broker, as no sales costs are incurred. However, for many brokers this presupposes that the respective customer(s) have a certain size, so that the not insignificant expenditure for the support of the respective insurance contracts can be compensated at least on the time axis by adequate income.

We then conclude a cooperation agreement with these partners by clearly defining the expected service and contractually stipulating the distribution of commission on the basis of individual threshold values. The most important reason why brokers often choose us is certainly the fact that our network partners generally do not charge minimum fees and TRC does not set uniform rates for brokerage commission sharing and thresholds worldwide. In this respect, each case is to be viewed individually and follows the principle that is indispensable in foreign business: "Live and let live".

You need an absolutely reliable and flexible network to remain competitive, which automatically means that the economic well-being of the local broker should be taken into account.