For Brokers

TRUST RISK CONTROL offers medium-sized insurance intermediaries the opportunity to join a global strategic broker alliance in order to be able to act internationally and to benefit from the combined expertise and experience of all members. In this way, intermediaries not only secure their independence, but also strengthen their market position in global competition.

The bundled foreign business of international TRC network is operated according to the motto: "Unity is strength", which also results in synergy effects in relation to insurers on the time axis.

We provide normally the following services to our members and customers but are flexible to create also project-related individual solutions

  • Procurement of foreign service partners or risk carriers and ongoing support of your insurance interests abroad.

  • International Risk Management.

  • development, tendering and coordination of international insurance programs.

  • Current information on foreign insurance markets, market participants and important foreign topics.

  • Brokerage of special cover and capacity abroad for special risks.

  • Added values of working with TRC

  • Increase of image and sustainable safeguarding of competitiveness through practical competence abroad.

  • Flexible, worldwide service network without loss of quality due to an otherwise counterproductive network discipline.

  • No conflicts of interest at home.

  • Constant and controlled availability of an external foreign department as a "backup office".

  • Extensive cost savings through the use of external personnel and other resources.