906, 2021

Employee Benefits in Panama – COVID-19 Related Claims During the Pandemic

In Panama, during the pandemic crisis, the Insurance industry aligned with their clients. The insurance carriers did not exclude COVID-19 from the coverages. The insurance companies’ voluntarily resigned to the exclusion of pandemic coverages, and the insured persons as per arranged [...]

906, 2021

Granting Coverage in Rwanda: An Interview With Marc Disselhoff

As Rwanda envisages an annual two-digit growth, is targeting to be a middle income economy by 2035, and achieving a high-income status by 2050, the country is becoming more and more interesting for foreign investors. Coming from far away, after a [...]

706, 2021

Georgian Insurance Market Overview

Georgia’s economy has grown significantly over the past decade, culminating in its recent classification as an upper-middle-income country. A small and open economy, Georgia has a population of 3.7 million and a land area of 69,700 km2. Georgia’s economic growth has [...]

706, 2021

The African Insurance Market Is on the Move

Africa is becoming increasingly interesting for the insurance industry. The steady economic growth in most African countries and a not yet fully developed insurance sector has made the continent one of the fastest-growing regions for insurance in the world. Africa´s insurance [...]

306, 2021

Söderberg & Partners Raises 2,5 Billion Sek in New Capital

Former investor TA Associates returns through new share issue to support Söderberg & Partners continued Nordic and European expansion Söderberg & Partners has agreed to close a new share issue, raising approximately 2,5 billion SEK. The entire new share issue will be [...]

1105, 2021

New Member Costa Rica

Please welcome our newest TRC member from Costa Rica, CONFIA Corredores de Seguros. CONFIA is one of the Elite Insurance Brokerage companies in Costa Rica. Their headquarter is located in the Capital of San Jose. CONFIA offers Property and Casualty Insurance [...]

2904, 2021

Sale at Unisonsteadfast

On April 19th, it was announced that the Australian Steadfast Group would take over a 60% majority in Hamburg-based UnisonSteadfast AG. With this, the original co-founder, Mr. Mercier, has finally given up his independence, but wants to continue to lead the [...]

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