1103, 2021

Fast-growing Clear swoops for two brokers

Fast-growing Clear Group (Clear) has snapped up two brokers, HIA International and Luke Rowe. Luke Rowe has £18m gross written premium (GWP) and more than £3m turnover across 40 staff. The HIA management team will stay on to help integration, with its [...]

103, 2021

Anniversaries 2020

Protección Dinámica celebrates its lucky 65th Anniversary with a posthumous tribute to its beloved founder, Erich Vogt. On October 28, Protección Dinámica Agente de seguros y de Fianzas, S.A. de C.V., celebrated its 65th Anniversary with a virtual event and commemorated [...]

103, 2021

How COVID Has Shaped the Turkish Insurance Market and NART

The COVID-19 crisis has been a shock for Turkish companies, as it was around the world. The severity and reach of the pandemic have made us all think about what could have been managed better and what lessons can be learned [...]

103, 2021

Inside TRC – Social Responsibility

The consciousness of a company to be part of a local and global society has become, over the last decades, an increasingly important theme. Most companies like to partake and promote various forms of socially beneficial undertakings to take an active [...]

103, 2021

Digital Twins – Taking Your Risk Management to the Next Level!

A digital twin represents a real entity in digital form. It is effectively a replica of physical assets, processes and systems described by data that helps organizations understand, predict and optimise their performance. As an exact digital replica of something in [...]

2602, 2021

New Members

In the TRC network, we are pleased to announce that the following international partners have joined the network in 2020. We warmly welcome all new partners and look forward to a successful future and cooperation together. CAC Specialty Founded [...]

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