TRC is a network and consultant.

TRUST RISK CONTROL International Insurance Development GmbH was founded in 1998 by Mr. Christoph Baltsch, who after 20 years of working for well-known international insurance brokers had the idea of making the service and the know-how of an external foreign department available to medium-sized brokerage firms. In this way, he established a powerful global broker alliance as a real alternative to the mega-networks of large brokers that existed until then.

Since then, TRC-IID has been developing rapidly and gaining satisfied members and customers not only in Germany, but increasingly also abroad. Thus, the TRC group of companies has laid the foundation for the coming years and decades to expand in the business areas: Consulting, service and IT solutions for any insurance requirements worldwide.

We draw on 20 years of experience in implementing global insurance programs and act as coordinator, organizer and supervisor for insurance brokers, insurers and their international clients.

TRC plc.

Advice to financial service providers in Switzerland and headquarters of the worldwide TRC brokerage alliance.

TRC International Insurance Development GmbH

Advice to German financial service providers on foreign business.

TRC International Broker Alliance GmbH

Procurement of foreign corporate and industrial customers to German insurance brokers.

TRC Inc.

Advising financial service providers in the USA and brokers for international insurance solutions.

What TRC can do

  • The Network consists of 200 insurance brokers worldwide…..
  • The Members are predominantly industrial insurance brokers
  • The Services of TRC are not limited to network access
  • Bundles international broker know-how & forges powerful alliances
  • Open markets & bring specialists together
  • Allows internationally efficient work