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We are pleased to announce that the following international partners have joined the TRC network since the end of 2022 and in 2023. We sincerely welcome all new partners and look to a successful joint future and cooperation. Asian Risks Management Services Founded in 2018 Employees: 8 Country: China Profile: Asian Risks Management [...]

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We are pleased to share noteworthy news regarding Romero Insurance Brokers. Today, Romero Insurance Brokers Ltd has completed its acquisition by AssuredPartners Inc. This strategic move positions them for a new phase of growth, providing an enhanced platform to better serve their clients and partners. AssuredPartners Inc., a U.S.-based broker operating independently of any [...]

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After acquiring a 51% stake in Kotak Mahindra General Insurance, Zurich Insurance Company will no longer operate as a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The confirmed transaction values Kotak General Insurance at approximately Rs 7,943 crore in a post-money valuation, pending customary closing adjustments. Kotak Mahindra Bank formally announced a definitive agreement to [...]

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AI – The Bridge To A New Era


In an era of globalization, continuous development, fast growth, and the relentless search for empowerment, the demand for an efficient and smarter, if not perfect, production system is on the rise. From advanced space research and exploration to banking systems and the ever-troubled economies, the dependence on advanced technology has become vital. This has [...]

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Sanctions against Russia and Belarus


What impact do they have on companies' insurance cover? Sanctions are economic and / or political coercive measures taken by individual states, communities of states or international / regional organizations against other countries, groups or individuals. Even before Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, but especially after it began, various sanctions against Russia, [...]

Sanctions against Russia and Belarus2023-11-08T11:40:15+01:00

Spain – Property Insurance Market – Stricter Interpretations of Precaution


The ongoing global trend towards further tightening of the property insurance market due to factors such as geopolitical risks, inflation, and natural disasters is also widely observed in the Spanish property insurance market. Particularly, rising claim costs resulting from climatic events such as droughts, wildfires, extreme temperatures, or flooding are expected to contribute to [...]

Spain – Property Insurance Market – Stricter Interpretations of Precaution2023-10-16T11:18:34+01:00

Sunny Side or Shade


Reflecting on 25 Years of Global Insurance Broker Networking By Christoph Baltsch - Chairman/CEO TRUST RISK CONTROL It's 02:50 in the morning when jet lag once again wakes me from my sleep. Where am I right now? USA, Germany, Switzerland or somewhere else entirely? Did I actually miss my flight or was it just [...]

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Dutch NDB Group becomes part of the GGW Group


The Dutch NDB Group becomes part of the GGW Group Volendam/Hamburg – 27th January 2023 The owner-managed NDB Group, an insurance broker and underwriter based in North Holland, becomes part of the GGW Group. The NDB Group is thus starting a new growth phase in its corporate development. The dynamically growing GGW Group is [...]

Dutch NDB Group becomes part of the GGW Group2023-06-27T12:09:53+01:00

Hans-Georg Jenssen advises GGW


Hans-Georg Jenssen, who retired as managing director of the Federal Association of German Insurance Brokers at the end of 2022, has a new job: the well-connected expert on sales and regulation will in future advise the broker group GGW under the leadership of Tobias Warweg. There are also personnel changes at VGH Versicherungen, the [...]

Hans-Georg Jenssen advises GGW2023-06-27T10:16:25+01:00

New Pension Reform in the Netherlands


Effective July 1, 2023, the Dutch pension system is undergoing significant changes with the implementation of the new Dutch Pension Act. This reform, adopted by the Dutch Senate on May 30, 2023, will have an impact on all employers with existing pension schemes. As a result, pension arrangements with employees and contracts with pension [...]

New Pension Reform in the Netherlands2023-06-22T14:27:26+01:00
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